We have remained close to people’s heart for successful ten consecutive years being one of the best industries and Construction Company. Our company is organized in a way to provide what’s best for our customers. Since 2003 we have developed claiming ownership for many successful constructions both locally and internationally. Our vision, mission and all set of values are designed giving priority to the customer and their desires. Guided by self-integrity, honesty, fairness and innovative thinking we bestow the nation high quality services. Our staff members, a combination of Lanka’s best spirits are bound to extend the best support and advisers for our clients. We weave our name through hard work and unique constructive methods. Our company with its own unique culture will remain close to the hearts of people for the past, present and future as the high quality industries and Construction Company.  



 To create the best construction company in the Sri Lanka.


 To be the world class standard for steel construction companies.


 Client-driven, Quality-driven, Efficient, Growing both our business and our people, Continual striving for improvement.



Our History

In 2004, we commenced our company as New Ranasinghe where we manufactured steel items.

Then in 2007, from our main company, another branch was incorporated to carry out International and export functions as Ranasinghe Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Then in 2008, we developed it up to a limited liability company which provided customers with stainless steel (Cladding & Railings) building constructions.

Since 2008, we have developed claiming ownership for many successful constructions both locally and internationally. As a result of that we converted our company into an Import company which we our main focus is steel material trading as PMR Import Tools (Pvt) Ltd.

Then finally in 2016, we started our zinc aluminum roofing Products Company by the name of PMR Roofing Company (Pvt) Ltd where we provided A- Z roofing structural & material items.


Our Team

We are proud to say that we are in possession of the Lanka’s most talented members for it is their abilities that guided us to the zenith. Our team consists of 40 members who are diligent and extremely talented in their respective fields. We have been internationally recognized due to the exceptional service we provide. The winning force behind all such in our team. The friendly atmosphere we create will enable you to corporate with us easily and gain high quality services. Our team is willing to extend the best if their service for those who expect it.

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