Ranasinghe constructions concentrates on a range of services including engineering civil and mechanical and architectural services. A multitude of capabilities and services have been brought together in the process of undertaking projects ranging from refurbishment work on numerous office to sports club facilities. At Ranasinghe constructions, we ensure that all our clients needs are catered to and that our services are provided guaranteeing that your expectations and dreams would never be disappointed.

Civil and Machenical Service

By engaging in infrastructure development at large Industrial Construction projects and possessing heavy machinery and equipment’s, Ranasinghe has gained a sound knowledge in Civil Construction. We are capable of large earth moving, earth compaction, and road work activities.

Structural Engineering Service


  1. Modelling and Analysis of new designs
  2. Structural Design – Being specialize in undertaking
  3. Structural Detailing
  4. Structural Drafting


  1. Seismic evaluation
  2. Seismic strengthening for existing structures


  1. Additions and alteration to the existing buildings
  2. Investigation of failures
  3. Structural evaluation and remedial measures


Design / peer reviews and certification – REC holds expertise in providing excellent Structural Audit Services. It is a preliminary technical survey that is efficiently carried out by highly qualified engineers. The basic idea of this service is to assess the civil engineering structure of buildings

Artitectural Service

We are a team of architects and designers specializing in architectural, interior and furniture design. Being primarily design based we value the process as much as the product. We do not claim allegiance to any specific design, style or school of thought. For us each project is a new beginning

We offer a full range of comprehensive consultancy services provided by a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary group of designers.

Our services include project evaluation, total design services, solutions and project administration. With various features and sizes to choose from, our tailor made modern house plans will cater to your own individual tastes.

We pay attention to detail which ensures the company policy is in play by finalizing each project as per the allocated time and budget.

For us, architecture is a journey rather than a conceptual exercise.

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